Home & Non-Public Schools

Community Education serves Home and Non-Public Schools as the district’s first point of contact. In accordance with state law, New Prague Area Schools is required to ensure that all school-age children living within the district boundaries are being educated. Our primary role is to be certain that all homeschooling families comply with state law and to provide the necessary information and forms needed for home schools to be in compliance.

For specific homeschool questions and to check out requirements, visit the Minnesota Department of Education website. If you determine homeschooling is the best option for your student, please complete the Initial Registration Form for 1st Time Home School Families or the Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling Form and submit it to New Prague Area Schools Community Education by October 1.

Home Schools

Letters go out each August to known homeschool households in the district, reminding families to complete the required notification to the district. Additional information is provided mid-year about annual spring standardized testing requirements. Paperwork and reimbursements are processed through the Community Education office at 410 Central Avenue North, Suite 300 in New Prague, 952-758-1734. Homeschool operations are governed by Minnesota Statutes 120A.22-102A.26 and 121A.15.

Resources for Homeschool Families

You’ll find resources here to help answer questions about homeschooling your child(ren) in addition to forms that must be filled out each year by parents intending to provide homeschooling instruction. Please download the forms needed, fill them out and return to Community Education prior to their due dates. If you would like a complete packet mailed to your home, you may request it by calling 952-758-1734.

  • First-time homeschooled students must fill out the Initial Registration Form for 1st Time Home School Families, a Student Immunization Form is also required. This report form is to be submitted to the child's resident school district by October 1 of each year, or within 15 days of withdrawing the child from public school.
  • For homeschool students previously reported to the district, please submit a Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling.
  • If you wish to participate in the MDE nonpublic pupil aids program, you must fill out the 2023-24 Aids to Nonpublic Students form and return to NPAS Community Education by October 1st. Deadlines for returning all forms to the School District are set by the MN Department of Education.
  • Many homeschooling families find the New Prague Area Schools 2023-24 Calendar to be helpful in planning their schedules.
  • Homeschooling Questions and Answers was created to answer the majority of your homeschooling questions. For more specific questions call the MN Department of Education at 651-582-8200.
  • The Homeschool Reimbursement Procedures and State Guidelines was compiled to answer many of your questions regarding reimbursements. You may also find this Department of Revenue Fact Sheet to be helpful.
  • For your information, the New Prague Area Schools school year calendars may be viewed here.

Non-Public Schools

District 721 is home to two Non-Public Schools, St. Wenceslaus Catholic School in New Prague and Holy Cross Catholic School in Webster. Both offer instruction for PreK to Grade 8 students. Information on enrollment at these two schools is available at each school office and on their web sites.