Adult Programs

Adult Programs provide enrichment, academics and recreational opportunities for lifelong learners. Our class offerings encourage skill building, promote health and well-being, expand the mind and/or create a stronger community.

Adult Enrichment Classes

In each brochure, we offer a wealth of classes designed to provide adult learners with a place to learn more about their favorite hobby, learn a new skill, have fun with friends or meet new people.

Adult Fitness and Recreation

From exercise classes like yoga, Zumba and POUND Fitness to recreational sports like pickleball, volleyball and basketball, Community Education offers a variety of opportunities designed to get you moving and your heart pumping.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education is for adults, ages 17 and older, who are not enrolled in high school. Participating adults will learn reading and math basics, take part in English language classes or family literacy opportunities, prepare for citizenship, study for and take a test to get a GED (General Educational Development), or earn a certification in child care, computers, food service, health care and more. All classes are free to the student and are offered in partnership with the SouthWest Metro Intermediate District.

Magnifying Abilities

Magnifying Abilities is a social/recreational program for adults with mental or physical disabilities. The program is designed to enhance the community involvement and life long learning of adults with disabilities. Included are craft and informational classes, tours, sporting events as well as other outings.


Community Education has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available. These include knitting/crocheting items for local charities, reading with children, volunteering in a classroom or on a field trip, being active in the Community Education or Early Childhood Advisory Council, the Arts Council, Community Band, and much more. Contact Sandi at [email protected] for more information. (Volunteers who work with children must go through a district approved background check process)

Our Brochure

More information about our adult programs can be found in the Community Education Brochure. This publication is created three times each year and is available in print as well as online. Once you have found the class you are interested in taking, follow this link to Eleyo to get registered today.